Travelling in India

The city perfectly blends the past and present vividly. It is the melting pot of Indian diversity. Each part of Delhi has its own distinct character. Delhi has long tradition of hospitality and offers various attractions as a multi faceted tourists destinations. The street's of old Delhi are always crowded but the tour to the historical monuments and the colonial mansions can be very fascinating. The Delhi, we know and admire today is, of course, city of dijnns. That mediaeval flavour can be captured in the tempting lanes of old city.
On the other hand the New Delhi is more spacious and orderly. It was planned by British architects and planners in the 20th century when the capital was moved from Kolkata.

Travelling in India
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Delhi the capital city of India, is the home to world's largest democracy, a medieval splendour, an educationalist's play ground, a historian's wonderland and the most of all a monumental heritage. The city has seen the rise and fall of so may dynasties that one can still breathe the dust and fragrances of the past. Legend has it that Delhi was founded as early as the 1200 BC by the Pandavas, heroes of the great India epic Mahabharata. Delhi is the central point of India's rich tradition and historical grandeur. It is the combination of seven cities that were founded and built by different emperors from time to time.

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Travelling in India
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