Travelling in India

The warm and hospitable nature of its people will force you to travel India all over again and again. India is an old country, an ancient civilization, but also a young nation and emerging super power . In spite of the diverse problems , the progress and direction of the country has been spectacular, since independence. It is considered as one of the ten most industrialized nations in the world with the largest pool of trained engineers and scientists.

Over the time, India has emerged as number one travel destination in the world. Dazzled with the innumerable tourists attraction, it gets over million of tourists every year. To explore India, one needs to look deep into the glorious legacy of the past and the present.

India can create the cultural shock for the people outside India. It is a essential trip for those who are interested in learning about its history that goes back to 3,200 BC, when Hinduism was first founded. A closer look will let you discover the country's cultural heritage and age old traditions. The portrayal of India painted in its true colours is found no where els, but in Rajasthan.

Travelling in India
Travel to India and know its treasured sights.
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India is an incredible destination with great geographical and economic entity mixed with the ethno-cultural diversity of the people who inhabit here. India is 3000 miles from north to south and covers the total area of 3, 287, 263 sq kms. The subcontinent is home to more than a billion people, who speak one or more of 18 major languages and over a thousand dialects. India is considered as one of the richest country in the world with the endless hidden delights.

Taj Mahal

Travelling in India
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