Travelling in India

Rice is a staple food here, but in many regions wheat chapatis are equally or more often eaten than rice. Numerous cuisines define the taste and culture of every region, like the Mughlai food of Lucknow and Hyderabad is famous for the non-vegetarian dishes like tikkas and kababs, the Rajasthani cuisine, including dal baati churma and ghevar, brings to us the preferences of the Rajput kings, the tribal cuisines have a taste of the basic ingredients available with the tribes while the South Indian cuisine shows the creativity with coconut and rice.

Indian beverages, mock tails and cock tails are innovated and different from those served in other parts of the globe. The crispy snacks topped with curd, tamarind sauce and mint sauce will give your microwave a miss. India is fond of roasted, buttered and spiced up non-vegetarian dishes. But this fact can't steal the limelight from the stuffed parathas with countless variety of pickles and chutneys. To tempt the sweet tooth, hot milk and rice preparation known as kheer, hot gulab jamuns dipped in sugar syrup and bread soaked in condensed milk called shaahi tukda will give the final touch to your meal. Get ready for some sumptuous feasting that will delight your senses to return for more!

Travelling in India
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Indian food is a potpourri of cultures, regions and societies. It has evolved with invasions, immigrations and influences witnessed with passing time. The food and the food habits reflect the family you are eating with, the occasion, the season and the location too. But one thing that remains common is the fact that Indians are fond of spices and variety, they just cant eat bland and boiled stuff. Indian kitchen sees a lot of mixing, churning, stirring, baking, frying, saute that is playing with the spices and the ingredients to make it tempting and delicious for the Indian Palate.

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Travelling in India
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