Travelling in India

The unique geographical features of Goa attracts tourists from all over the world. Explore the romantic beaches or the lush greenery and rediscover the true wonder built by nature in amazing India Goa.Goa is a place where the joy knows no boundary. Weather you are a travel connoisseur wanting to have a languorous travel holiday or the busiest of men planning to host conferences, Goa is sure to be the best choice.
Goa is known throughout the world as one of the best beach destinations. The beaches of Goa are breathtakingly beautiful. If its an exotic honeymoon or just a break from the hectic schedule that you looking forward to, head straight for any of the beaches in Goa.

Travelling in India
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There is no place in India as exotic and as spell binding as Goa. Sun kissed beaches, glistening sands, fascinating churches, pulsating night life and scrumptious cuisine team up to make Goa one of the most sought after holiday destination in the country. With its roots deeply entrenched in a rich past of diverse cultures - Hindu, Muslim and Portuguese Catholic - Goa has evolved into a strange admixture with its own uniquely Latin character. This little paradise was discovered by the westerners during the 1960's when hippies first visited this place and founded pristine beaches, a blue sea and ridiculously low prises.

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Travelling in India
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