Travelling in India

The state reminds us of the Mahatma Gandhi, the father of modern state of India, who was born in Porbandar and worked for many years in Ahmadabad. Gujarat is a home to Gandhi Ashram, located on quiet stretch of the Sabarmati river, established in 1920. Some of the other attractions in the state are Jama Masjid, Calico Museum, Hussian Doshi Gufa, Hatheesing Jain temples, Kankaria lake etc.
For the adventure enthusiasts there is Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the south-western parts of the Saurashtra Peninsula. The park is known for the 300 species of Asiatic lions.

Travelling in India
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The state of Gujarat situated on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula, is a tremendously popular destination in Western India. Adjoining the Arabian Sea on the west, Madhya Pradesh in the south east, Pakistan and Rajasthan in the north and Maharashtra in the south, the land of Gujarat shares a colorful profile. The unique diversity of its topography featuring forested hilly tracts and the fertile plains in the east, vast tidal marshland in the west and the rocky shoreline jutting into its heartland makes it a exotic land for exploration.

Lion in Gir National Park
Travelling in India
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