Travelling in India
Travelling in India

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 Travel to India and know its treasured sights.

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Travelling in India
Location: Eastern part of Gujarat
How To Reach: The nearest international airports are Mumbai(375km) and Ahmadabad(200km). The nearest domestic airport is Vadodara(75km). Bharuch railway station, 'Bharuch Junction' is on Mumbai- Delhi- Ahmadabad line, which connects the Northern, Central & Western Railway link. National Highway 8 passes through Bharuch and has a good road network . State transport buses and private luxury coaches connects Bharuch with various centers of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan.
Where To Stay: There are plenty of hotel options.
When To Go: September to March
The oldest town in the state Gujarat, preserving a 2000 year history. The city lies at the mouth of the holy river Narmada. Bharuch also known as Bhroach, was also an important Buddhist center in ancient time. The place was named after the famous 'Bhrigukachba' temple, devoted to great saint Bhrigu Rishi. Though the city is a fine example of ancient history but now a prosperous industrial town, which is renowned for its big textile mills, chemical plants, long staple cotton, dairy products and many more. Bharuch is sometimes called as 'Kanam Pradesh'(black soil land) because of distinctive coloration of the soil. Bharuch is also great place to shop.

Bharuch Mandir

Sights And Activities

The Bhrigu Rishi Temple
The place is named after this temple. One of the sacred temples of Gujarat, is set on the banks of the holy river Narmada. It has a great religious importance among the people of Bharuch. People from different part of the Gujarat comes here and show their reverence. The temple is dedicated to Rishi Brighu. The temple also represent medieval temple architecture.

Bharuch Fort ( Lallubhai Haveli)
This majestic fort was established by ex Diwan of the former Nawab of Broach named Lallubhai. The fort is precariously set on a hill top overlooks the narmada river. the faced of the fort is decorated with lavish wood carvings and has underground passage. The second floor houses matchlock guns.

Jama Masjid
This medieval mosque is situated at the base of the hilltop of the Bharuch Fort. The mosque was constructed in the 14th century with the remains of demolished materials of Jain temple. The architecture of the mosque is of typical medieval Islamic style.

Golden Bridge
The bridge was built in 1881 by the British to connect Bharuch to Ankleshwar across the Narmada river. The iron that used to build this bridge is much

This small island on the river Narmada, is just 16km from Bharuch city. The prime attraction of this island is the huge banyan tree spread over an area of 3.7 acres. It is believed that here famous saint Kabirdas meditated and the tree grew by the meswak stick that was thrown by him. Other attractions include the Lotus Temple, Kabir museum and boat rider on Narmada river.

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
This wildlife sanctuary spread an area of 608 sq km, situated on the outskirts of Bharuch. The park is famed for sloth beer, apart from beer the park has also large number of animals and birds species such as hyena, panther, sambar, four horned antelope, wild dogs. You can see crocodiles along the river. Best time to visit the sanctuary is from October to March.

Travelling in India
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