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Handicraft of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is famous for some of its most unique arts and crafts, which they have preserved from the ancient times. Rajasthani art and crafts, with its astonishing variety, beauty and colour has contributed the most to the crafts collage of India. Major craft traditions in Rajasthan include Tie-and-Dye Textiles, Hand block Printing, Quilting, Jewelry, Gems and Stones, Blue Pottery, Leather Craft, Woodcarving, and local Painting traditions.

Rajasthan Handicrafts

Metal Craft

Some of the finest metal work in Rajasthan uses enameled silver that is used for everything from pill-boxes to figurines. Brass enamel is less expensive, and more prevalent from table-tops to dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields. One can find varieties of decorative techniques such as inlay, metal casting, carving, applique, etc.

Wooden Artifacts

Wood-sometimes plain often painted- is used to make everything from furniture to artefacts. Its contemporary variants include chairs with painted backs, camel-hide stools, marble-top tables and carved cabinets. Artifacts include a range of animal -horses, elephants, parrots - that are beautifully painted as well as boxes, chests snuff boxes and other interesting paraphernalia including dancing figurines and dwarpals or guardians of the doors.


The hides of dead animals is used by skilled cobblers for Jooties (foot-wear), chairs, musical instruments, mojaries, etc. The Jooties reflect the unique style of every district they belong to. The leather is punched and gouged to create patterns, studded, sequined and even embroidered with woolen motifs. Cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer is famous for Jooties, musical instruments (like Tabla, Dhol, Dhapli), stringed instruments (Kamayacha) made out of leather. Bikaner is best known for painted Lampshades, shields, vases, Mojharies made out of camel hide. Hard Bag, belts, hats, chairs, foldable chairs with graphic embroideries are from Tilonia.

Stone Carving

White marble, pink Dholpur, green Kota, white and grey soapstone everything is used to make elegant statuary, idols, figurines, carved panels, even elaborate jharokhas for gardens and pavilions. One of Rajasthan's most enduring arts that is evident in its prevalence in homes all over the state, stone carving is both an artistic as well as an industrial product.


The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Each state has its own special colour-scheme design and technique. The various types of Textile are:-
Hand-block prints, Bandhej, Bandani, Lehriya, Batik, Mothra, Ekdali, Shikari, Cheent comes under tie & dye category. In addition, the art of embellished fabrics with embroidery using thread-work, mirror work or gold brocade is prevalent. Block Printing in vegetable dyes is another famous art. Carved wooden blocks soaked in different colours and pasted on the fabric.


Paintings are nowhere more vibrant and expressing than that of Rajasthan. Tradition of painting traces back to the dawn of civilisation. Rajasthan, is known for its miniature paintings, reflecting an incredible portfolio of scenes from myth and legend to history to nature. The variation in art of painting ranges from Wall paintings on Palaces to huts, Miniature paintings, Phad and Pichwais.
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