Travelling in India

Travelling in India

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 Travel to India and know its treasured sights.

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Travelling in India
Location - It is a small village, located in Chhatarpur district.
How To Reach - Khajuraho has its own airport. The temple complex is 5km from airport. Airport is connected with Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Kathmandu. The nearest railheads are Mahoba (64 km) and Harpalpur (100 Km/62 mile). Jhansi (175 Km/108 mile) and Satna (120 Km/75 mile). Khajuraho is connected with other parts of Madhya Pradesh.
Where To Stay - Plenty of hotels.
When To Go - September to March
Among the most essential stops on any Indian travel itinerary of India's historic monuments, Khajuraho is famed for its exaggerated eroticism in the form of carved figures on the walls of temple. It is considered one of the finest temple arts in the world. It is also recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. A small village surrounded by forestland with no more than 3000 residents but the incredible temple complex makes the place a happening one where people from far distance places come to visit. Because of fair number of tourists from every part of the world come here every year, there are number of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops have sprung up in large numbers here.


According to mythical stories, Khajuraho was founded by Chardravarman, the son of the moon god Chandra, who descended on a beautiful maiden as she bathed in a stream. Chandela dynasty built the temples and survived the five centuries and finally fell to Mughals onslaught. Temple construction, design and themes still intrigue archaeologist. In just 100 years so many temples of such gigantic size would have required a large amount of labor. Why Chandela Kings planned to build temples in such remote place but the isolation helped preserve it from the desecration of Muslim invaders.

Under the threat from Afghan invaders from the north, the Chandelas forsook Khajuraho for their forts. Gradually, Khajuraho was lost in in the Jungle and remained in ruins until British officer, TS Burt, was guided to the ruins by his palanquin bearers in 1838 and discovered the treasure trove. But he was much surprised with the erotica and describing as ' a little warmer than there was any absolute necessity for'.

Sights And Activities

Temples are an excellent example of Indo Aryan architecture but the carnal erotic carvings that have made Khajuraho famous. The temples are sheer Kamasutra on stones where women and sex are the repeatedly appears on the walls. There are sculpture of nymphs,dancers and mortal women in a sensuous postures. The erotic eye catching content should not distract from the great skill underlying the sculptures. Stroll around the temples with your right side shoulder facing the buildingthe right side is considered divine.

Lakshma Temple
The Lakshma Temple is in the western group and took about 20 years to build. It is one of the earliest and best preserved monuments of the group. Find many anonymous shrines at the southwest corner. The sculptures are unlikely to other parts as they represent battalions of soldiers- as it appears Chandelas were engaged themselves in war when they weren't inventing new sexual position.
Devi Jagadamba
Originally dedicated to Vishnu but later to Parvati and then Kali. The carvings are simpler and outer walls lack projecting balconies. Three bhandas(belts) bind the jangha(body), adorned with exquisite and sensuous carvings, the erotica on the third is arugably the finest in Khajuraho.

The temple is situated outside the fenced enclosure and still use everyday for veneration. It may be the plainest temple but inside it boasts a polished 2.5m high lingam.

The Archaeological Museum
The museum is a nice collections of statues and sculptures from around Khajuraho. Adjacent Tribal and Folk art museum gives a taste of Madhya Pradesh tribal art and culture through paintings, terracotta jhoomar sculptures, masks, statues and bamboo flutes.

Ayurvedic Treatment
You can take four handed ayurvedic treatments at the Keralian run, India Tourism approved Yadav Lodge.

Travelling in India
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