Travelling in India
Travelling in India

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Travelling in India
Location: Located at a distance of nearly 65 km from Bhubaneswar, Konark city is famous throughout the world for its magnificent Sun Temple
How To Reach: From Puri it takes one hour by bus. From Bhubaneswar by bus it takes two hours and need to change bus at Pipli and another two hours to reach Konark.
Where To Stay: Konark has limited accommodation facility as most of the tourists like to stay at Puri. Though there are few tourist lodges available.
When To Go: It is advisable to avoid summer and monsoon.
Major Attractions: The Sun Temple, Konark Dance Festival
The small town of Konark is always crowded with hordes of tourists because of the majestic Sun Temple- a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is almost as per of Taj Mahal. Most of the tourist take a day trip from Puri to Konark but also a good place to stay overnight. Konark is located nearer the coast, Konark is known as 'Black Pagoda' by ancient sailors and was visible from far out at sea. The small town is also a vibrant place, surrounded by green forests. Konark is an excellent place to visit. There are exquisite handicraft items found in the local markets, the serenity of the place and less crowded beach of Konark, all this make Konark a rejuvenating place.

Sun Konark Temple

The temple was constructed in 13th century by Raja Narasinghs Deva -I of the Ganga Dynasty. The temple was established as a huge chariot drawn by seven spirited horses on twelve pairs of beautifully decorated wheels after the legendary horse chariot of Sun God. The temple is famous for its distinctive architecture and execution. This exotic temple has intricate stone carvings on the walls of the main temple.

Sights And Activities

Sun Temple
The massive temple was established by Narashimhadev 1 in the 13th century to celebrate his victory over Muslims. The Sun Temple was called 'Black Pagoda' by the British sailors. The Sun Temple was believed as the cosmic chariot of the sun god, Surya. Seven mighty prancing horses, representing the days of the week, rear at the stain of moving this levitation of stone on 24 stone cartwheels, representing the hours of the day, positioned around the temple base. The temple is positioned in such a way that dawn light would illuminate the interior and presiding deity, which moved to Jagannath Temple in 17th century. Architecture of the temple is based on Central India temple architecture. The walls are decorated with marvelous stone carvings both inside and outside. The temple is recognized as world heritage site.

Mayadevi Temple
Located at the southwest of Sun Temple, it is believed that temple was dedicated to one of the sun god's wives. Erotic sculptures are carved on the walls of the temple including dancing nymphs, court scenes, floral motifs and hunting scenes. At the entrance two lion structures and either side of the temple, you will observe two elephant images are erected.
Archaeological Museum
Started in the year 1968, this interesting museum is situated 200m west of yatri Nivas, showcase more than 250 antiquities that were found in and around Sun Temple. During the excavation of Sun Temple many impressive sculptures and carvings were found. The signature attraction of the museum is a full-bellied Agni (the fire god) and fulsome Bina Badini.

Konark Beach
One of the best beaches on the eastern coast, Konark beach has clear sands and less crowded. It is also known as chandrabhanga and a relaxing place. The Konark Sun Temple is just few paces away from the beach and its a nice place to hangout in the evening.

Konark Dance Festival
The prime festival in Konark is dance festival, which is held every year in the first week of December. It is a cultural extravaganza includes classical music and various classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri, Chau, Kathak. This festival is celebrated for five days.

Shopping In Konark
Its fun to shop different items in Konark market. Konark market is small but colorful and crowded. There are wide range of items from sculptures depicting Hindu gods and goddess, crafts and other attractive things to buy.

Travelling in India
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