Travelling in India
Travelling in India

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 Travel to India and know its treasured sights.

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Travelling in India
Location: In the eastern part of Orissa.
How To Reach: The nearest airport is in Bhubaneshwar (62km). Puri has a railhead and direct service to Kolkata, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Vijayawada, and Tirupati. The bus stand is by the Gundicha Mandir on Grand Road. Minibuses from Bhubaneswar to Puri leave regularly from the Baramunda Bus stand and the Old Bus Stand.
When To Visit: October to March
Where To Stay: Being a famous religious destination, Puri has plenty of accommodation options.
Puri is considered one of the most sacred sites among numerous places in India, visited by number of pilgrims each year. The place is particularly dead crowded during Rath Yatra, most renowned festival of Orissa when millions pour to watch three giant, multi colored chariots drawn up the main thoroughfare. This small beach town is surrounded by Bay Bengal and considered one of the four dhams of Hindus. In ancient times, it is believed that people from Puri were sent to Java, Sumatra and the Philippines, carrying the message of Lord Buddha. The various monasteries in the city have testified the fact. Temples, maths and monasteries makes the place a holy city and be a important pilgrimage center of the Eastern Golden Triangle, which comprises Puri , Konark, and the capital city of Bhubaneswar that is 60km from it.

Camel Ride Puri Beach

Apart from religious significance, Puri offers a long, sandy beach and esplanade, which is actually an Indian version of an English seaside. The coast is adorned with countless hotels, holiday homes that of the are filled up with tourist at peak time. In the 70s when India had been experiencing a rage of hippie culture, Puri also became a hot spot of hippies, wending its way through Southeast Asia. The seducing sea and bhang (a hallucination herb), which is legal in Puri was the main attraction. Now travelers come here to spend some quality time with their family or friends. Nice beach and excellent food make Puri an ideal destination for holiday.

Sight And Activities

Jagannath Temple
The huge temple is the signature attraction of Puri. Pilgrims are drawn towards Puri just because of this mighty temple. The present temple was erected by the Ganga ruler Anantavarman Chodaganga in the twelfth century, prototyped on the older Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar. Unfortunately, non Hindus are not allowed inside the temple but they are obliged to view the interior from the flat roof of the Raghunandan Library, directly opposite the main gate. The pyramidal roofs of the temples adjoining halls or mandapas rise in steps towards the tower like a ridge of mountain peaks. the one nearest the sanctuary, the Jagamohana (Assembly Hall) is part of the original building and the bhoga-mandapa(hall of Offerings) nearest the entrance, were added in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Museums And The Sudarshan Workshop
Run by Hare Krishna devotee, the Sun Craft Musuem on the crossroad of VIP road houses an extensive collections of commercial side of Lord Jagannath phenomenon. It houses very good collections of images of the deity and his siblings in a various forms. Puri's small museum houses some rarest images of Jagannath along with different model of raths. Further down the road near the railway station, close to the Shinto shrine the Sudarshan Workshop is one of the few traditional stone carvers yards in pursuing their art than selling to tourists. You can buy different items from the factory shop. The sculptures are made up of Khondalite - the multi colored stone used in the Sun Temple at Konark.
Chilka Lake
This lake resemblances more of a sea. Rent a boat and ride on the vast lake, it is really a thrilling experience. In addition there are dolphins and sea fishes that catches attention.

The Beach
Puri beach is not peaceful but the long coast line and fishing village are something that excites any travelers. In the west end of the town, along marine Parade the atmosphere is more akin to a British Victorian holiday resort, with a row of hotels looking across the parade to the beach. This stretch is very much the domain of the domestic tourist industry and the beach is much cleaner here. It is a pleasant place to stroll and becomes highly animated after sunset when the nightly souvenir market gets going. The fishing villages are also a one of the attractions here, also the biggest on Orissa, with dozens of tiny sails tacking to and fro off the coast during the day.

Enjoy The Cuisines
Orissa is renowned for its good food and Puri is the ultimate place for having excellent sea food. Most of the restaurants offer thali system, best food can be found in the restaurants at the nearby resort hotels. Most serve a reasonable range of veg and non veg Indian dishes, including fish with few Chinese alternative thrown in.

Travelling in India
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