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Travelling in India

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Travelling in India
Location: Ganjam district, 50 km from Berhampur, Orissa.
How To Reach: From Berhampur buses and private rental car are available. Also one can take bus or taxi from Gopalpur on sea.
Where To Stay: There are few lodges here. Most of the tourist takes usually one day excursion from Gopalpur on sea or Berhampur.
When To Go: October to March.
Famous For: Hot sulphur spring
Taptapani literally means hot water. The place is renowned for its round the year hot water spring, also popularly known as spa village among travelers. Nestled between the Eastern Ghats, the place is surrounded by cluster of hills and thick forests. Taptapani is specially popular among pilgrims who consider the spring as a sacred place and are believed that bathing in the spring can cure infertility. The boiling sulfurous water bubbles out of a cleft in the mountainside and is pipped into a small pool, where little rocks smeared with vermilion and hibiscus petals mark the presence of the living deities believed to reside in the water. The place welcome tourists of all category throughout the year.

Tribal Taptapani

Sights And Activities

Gopalpur On Sea
The most pristine beach of Orissa, Gopalpur is for those who want to spend their holidays in a calm and serene atmosphere. The beach is located about 60km from Taptapani. It is different from other beaches of India. So if you are a conventional beach lover, you might not find it interesting but it is uncrowded and relatively clean. A great place for a stroll and a paddle, you can do yachting or simply relax and watch the fishing boats come and go. Do not forget to visit the lighthouse. Climb through the spiral staircase to the top is rewarding where you can have a full view of coastal area.

Tribal Heritage
Tribals of Orissa still hold the archaism. Taptapani is the place you can sneak into the tribal life of Orissa. The tribal population stays in the hills and forests interiors in a mysterious way. They are source of interest for anthropologists and sociologists but also to numerous travelers who are entertained by tribal dances, their crafts and music in midst of wild ambiance. Their economy mainly depends upon agriculture, basket weaving and tool making. Most of them are expert hunters and worship various god and goddess.

It is a unique Tibetan village inside the heart of Orissa, located 35km from Taptapani. During the Chinese aggression of Tibet in 1959, a major portion of Tibetan took refuge in this part of the world. The landscape is not different from other part of Orissa but the ambiance is. There are small cottages and a monastery adored the place. the main bus top is Lobersing where there is a small market that sells Tibetan wall mats, carpets, handicrafts and leather goods made by Co-operative Society factory.

Travelling in India
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