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Travelling in India

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Nabadwip And Mayapur

Travelling in India
Location : An important pilgrimage center, 114km northwest of West Bengal.
How To Reach : Trains from Howrah run to Nabadwip, 2.5km from the main Boral ghat from where ferries leave regularly for Mayapur. Mayapur is also serviced by direct CSTC buses, departing from Esplanade in Kolkata.
Where To Stay : Nabadwip has few hotels but best place to stay at ISKCON’s own guest house.
When To Go : Round the year.
To Remember : Cigarettes and liquor is banned in the town.
From the way far of heat and dust of city’s life, Mayapur is a picture of tranquility. Chants of hare Krishna Hare Ram fill the air and makes a mystic ambiance. Pilgrims from everywhere come in thousands to the pleasant little town as Mayapur is the international headquarter of ISCKON and an important Krishna pilgrimage center. It was the eleventh century capital of of Bengal under the Sen dynasty but it is popular because of Sri Chaitanya (1486-1533), a Hindu sage who is revered as God. A few of the many temples clustered around its Mayapur Ghat are of any great antiquity.


Nabadwip’s twin town Mayapur lies across the river a sort, often overcrowded ferry ride away, with the prominent massive stupa like temple belonging to ISCKON. The whole of Mayapur is infused with Hare Krishna ambiance, the Hare Krishna sect is clearly visible across the water. The mazy temple symbolizes the contemporary face of Vaishnavism, stands in the middle of an ornamental park and is extremely popular especially at weekends.

Sight And Activities

ISCKON in Mayapur is the international headquarter. The main deities are Radha –Madhav. The Deities are of life size image, the main deities of Radha and Madhav (another name of Lord Krishna) are surrounded by eight Gopis, four in each side of the main deities. Other prominent figures are “Pancha –Tattva –Advaita – Acharya” who are Lord Nityananda, Lord Chaitanya, Gadadhara and Srivasa Thakur and Lord Narsimha.

Kali Bari
Nabadwip is altogether a Vaishnava town, but Nabadip’s most atmospheric temple is Kali Bari at Poramatolla, dedicated to goddess Kali who is a one of the most revered god among Hindus. The most impressive part of it, is goddess Kali is tucked into the folds of one of the most impressive banyan tree.

Shree Chaitanya Yogapitha
According to the legends, Shri Chaitanya was born beneath a neem tree. There is a neem tree at the spot and people believe that it is the same tree where Mahaprabhu was born. There is a hut where his life is been displayed with the help of clay models. After ISCKON temple, it is the second most visited place in Mayapur.

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